Thursday, June 20, 2019

Insanity Defined

Insanity Defined

No matter who's President, nothing gets done as long as Congressional gridlock and dysfunction persist. 

We cannot keep ignoring major issues, conducting sham executive oversight, or trying to develop unsustainable, one-party solutions to complex problems that will be overturned with the next change of power -- It's insane! Solutions exist. Legislators must be forced into real bipartisanship.

There will never be real legislative bipartisanship as long as one party controls all legislative committees. Equal membership on committees and strict compliance with so-called “regular order” would force compromise and unbiased oversight. 

Amended Congressional rules, requiring an equal number of members from each party, could result in forcing bipartisan legislation based on research, investigation, agreed to facts & data, unbiased staff analysis, equal, fair, comprehensive expert testimony, media scrutiny and extensive public input and transparency. By the time legislation advanced to a floor vote there would be a broad bipartisan coalition of legislators, experts, interest groups and the public to force a positive outcome.

Yes, it would be difficult. There would be temporary deadlocks, but eventual compromises would be reached. Compare it to what we have now!

The fact that Congress cannot effectively deal with the most pressing issues of our time -- infrastructure, health care, immigration, climate change, entitlements, etc. -- is at the core of the public's unrest with the political chaos and tribalism that exists. Additionally, objective, unbiased executive oversight is not possible under existing rules.

It’s time to force Congress to change the rules and truly put “Country Over Party.”

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There is now a proven model process for bipartisanship; it only requires a willingness to end gridlock.

See the December 11, 2019, Update on the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress