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My contention is that political parties and candidates cannot fulfill their campaign promises or their voters’ desires, or even the majority will of the public (e.g. gun law reform), because of the extreme extra-parliamentary practices that both parties have self-imposed on House & Senate procedures.

Abuses of the filibuster process in the Senate (silent filibuster & extensive use); Senatorial Holds; the “Hastert rule” in the House; riders & unrelated amendments have so distorted the democratic process envisioned by the Founders and the Constitution, as to make it unrecognizable. The concept of “majority rule,” taught to most of us in kindergarten and the way most people think that government works, has been abolished.

These abuses, combined with the distorted distribution of power in Congressional committees and subcommittees, severe gerrymandering of House districts and out-of-control campaign financing laws (e.g. Citizens United) have created a totally dysfunctional government framework.

No elected President (Democrat, Republican or Independent) can achieve their stated or envisioned goals for the country because of these constraints. The result is that the majority public and winning candidate are denied any opportunity to see their vision actually implemented. Likewise, the public as a whole is denied the opportunity to see if any given program, policy or project is a success or failure. Failures or successes could be rewarded or punished by meaningful popular votes in the next election.

Under the distorted process, gridlock continues and the public grows more and more frustrated with government and politicians in general. Their votes become so marginalized as to become meaningless.

Politicians and Washington insiders cannot be expected to change the system for the better because all parties benefit and take advantage of these destructive mechanisms depending on who’s in power at any given time. If ever there was a need for a public revolution; this is it. These underpinnings of Washington gridlock deny the public the Constitutional intent and should be abolished or seriously reformed to restore majority rule.

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